We operate a variety of accommodation facilities such as "building type" such as a single building, "operating style" such as manned and unmanned operation, and "contract form" such as sublease . From posting on the customer attraction site (OTA), setting ADR (average room unit price) to maximize the occupancy rate, setting up a 24-hour call center, cleaning agency in cooperation with a cleaning company, creating a house manual, reporting income and expenditure reports We provide a consistent total service. We operate without burdening the owner.

Needs consultation

Preparation from the prior consultation of the property to the start of operation


Layout, furniture, home appliances selection consulting


Maximize the attractiveness of the property

Manual creation

Created in 4 languages ​​(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

ADR optimization

Revenue management to maximize utilization

OTA + Offline sale

Online OTA and travel company sale

Emergency response

Respond promptly in multiple languages


Submit monthly balance report

We will respond to your needs in a more beautiful, speedy and detailed manner. We have adopted not only high level of cleaning technology but also our own standards for cleaner, and we are making efforts to make cleaning technology uniform. We, who know the importance of human resources, have created an environment in which everyone can work lively.

Cleaning around water

Clean with a detergent suitable for each use in the kitchen, washroom and toilet

Damage confirmation

If there is any damage or loss of items, we will collect it and report it to the owner

Bed makeup

Also pay attention to details such as the arrangement of cushions

Lost items management

We will store the lost items of guests for one month

Equipment replenishment

There is no risk of running out of supplies by replenishing before the consumables stock reaches zero

Return after cleaning

We will contact the host after cleaning the room

Professional renovation, design and interior decoration plans will be given according to space and demand.